Research Spotlight #2: Managing Resources in the (Edge) Cloud

Our first CleanSky research spotlight focused on placing virtual machines (VMs) in the cloud. However, in many cases, customers do not rent a single VM from the service provider (that then needs to be placed appropriately), but rather require a set of VMs to run their services, and these VMs are interconnected and need to be properly sized. Additionally, one major trend in both industry and academia has been the introduction of edge computing, in which resources (e.g. VMs) are brought closer to the customer to facilitate lower latencies and better quality of experience for the user. The combination of these two scenarios brings along a variety of research questions, some of which CleanSky has addressed in a series of peer-reviewed research papers. If you are interested, please read more in our second research spotlight that discusses the issue of managing resources in the (edge) cloud!

cleansky_adminResearch Spotlight #2: Managing Resources in the (Edge) Cloud

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