Yordanos Tibebu Woldeyohannes

Fellowship: Yordanos Tibebu Woldeyohannes joined CleanSky ITN on August 1st, 2015. She was selected for the ESR 3 fellowship and is investigating a multi-objective optimization framework for the optimization and consolidation of data center resources at NTNU Trondheim (Norway).

Bio: I received my Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Mekelle University, Ethiopia and my Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering “cum laude” from University of Trento, Italy. During my master’s thesis I developed an algorithm that enables energy efficient resource allocation in relay based wireless cooperative communication. Cooperative communication is seen as a promising approach to increase resource utilization as well as realize green wireless communication. To increase the energy efficiency, the relay harvests renewable energy. As a result of this, the relay will have a variable amount of energy depending on the environment. The algorithm, which is developed using game theory, analyzes this variable energy constraint and enables energy efficient cooperative communication. The research was conducted at the University of Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, through LLP-Erasmus Exchange program.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, watching movies, playing tennis, walking, reading books. I also like baking and decorating cakes.

What’s your motivation for doing your PhD, and why within CleanSky?
I enjoy understanding how stuff works in depth and I draw lots of excitement from the problem solving process itself. Specifically, I am very much interested in mathematical analysis of communication and networking technologies. Well, CleanSky embodies the right challenges, the right expertise and institutions in which I can realize my aforementioned aspirations and grow up professionally. I am really grateful to be a part of CleanSky!
What is your goal after finishing your PhD?
After finishing my PhD, I would like to continue doing research work either in the industry or academia enjoying the process of unraveling the future challenges.
Yordanos Tibebu Woldeyohannes’s Publications
Yordanos T Woldeyohannes (ESR3), Ali Mohammadkhan, K.K.Ramakrishnan and Yuming Jiang. “ClusPR: Balancing Multiple Objectives at Scale for NFV resource allocation”. In Proceedings of IEEE Transaction on Service and Network Management 2018 (To Appear)Yordanos Tibebu Woldeyohannes (ESR3), and Yuming jiang. “Measures for Network Structural Dependency Analysis”. IEEE Communications Letters, 2018

Yordanos T Woldeyohannes (ESR3), Ali Mohammadkhan, K.K.Ramakrishnan and Yuming Jiang. “A Scalable Resource Allocation Scheme for NFV: Balancing Utilization and Path Stretch.” to appear in Proceedings of the 21th Conference Innovations in Clouds, Internet and Networks, Paris, February 2018.

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