Konglin Zhu

dsc_0442 UPDATE: Konglin has finished his fellowship in CleanSky in March 2017. He is now an assistant professor at BUPT, Beijing, China.

Fellowship: Konglin Zhu joined CleanSky ITN in March, 2015. He was selected for the ER 1 fellowship and is investigated on Resource virtualization in heterogeneous cloud in Tsinghua University, China.

Bio: I received my Master and Ph.D degree from UCLA and University of Goettingen, in 2009 and 2014, respectively. My research interest during my Ph.D was online/mobile social networks and delay tolerant networks, which has resulted in several publications on IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Computer Communications, PLoS One and etc. I am focus on the study of resource virtualization in heterogeneous cloud.

What’s your motivation for following-up your PhD with a PostDoc position, and why within CleanSky?
During my Ph.D, I found that I am interested in the academic area, which pushed me to look for an academic position. The CleanSky ITN program provides such an opportunity to keep me walking on academia. Furthermore, it provides the atmosphere for academic collaborations with other faculty members all over the world, which enhances my vision of academics.
What is your goal after finishing your PostDoc fellowship?
CleanSky ITN provides me with an opportunity to prolong my academic career. I believe that I will continue working on academia after my postdoc fellowship. For instance, I will look for a faculty or research position at a university or research institute.
Konglin Zhu’s CleanSky ITN Publications
C. Chen; D. Li; J. Li; K. Zhu, “SVDC: A Highly Scalable Isolation Architecture for Virtualized Layer-2 Data Center Networks,” to appear in IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, 2016

Li, D., Wang, S., Zhu, K., Xia, S. “A survey of network update in SDN, to appear in Frontiers of Computer Science, 2016

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