Open Positions

Currently, all positions have been filled. We do not accept any further applications.

We are looking for encouraged and self-motivated persons, who will enjoy the team spirit of a dynamic interdisciplinary research group. Outstanding early stage researchers (ESR) and experienced researchers (ER) candidates must hold a Master/Diploma degree or a PhD, respectively. Strong applicants will be considered regardless of specific experience. We particularly encourage candidates from underrepresented minorities to apply. The application procedure will be carried out in compliance with the Code of Conduct for Recruitment of the European Charter and Code for Researchers.

Please note: when applying for a position in the CleanSky ITN, applicants have to ensure compliance with the Marie-Curie mobility requirement: At the time of recruitment, the applicant must not have lived for more than 12 out of the past 36 months in the country of the institution for which he or she applies. For instance, when applying for a position at NTNU Trondheim with a starting date of June 1st, 2015, the applicant must not have lived in Norway for more than one year since June 1st, 2012. Short stays, such as holidays, are not taken into account. In the application form, please make sure that you do not select a position for which you are not eligible.

Please note: candidates for ESR positions are expected to have less than 4 years of full-time equivalent research experience at the selection time.

Application materials: the application should (as indicated by the application portal) contain the following documents, compiled in the following order into to a single PDF file:

– Cover letter
– Curriculum Vitae
– The Master (or equivalent)/PhD degree applied with, including transcripts of records, where applicable.
– List of publications, if applicable
– Recommendation letter(s) from previous supervisors or employers
– Proof of English proficiency
– Work experience certificates, if applicable
– Manuscripts of the listed publications, if listed earlier

Below, open positions for ESRs and ERs, respectively, are listed. A detailed description of each position is available by following the corresponding link. The positions will remain open until filled.

In case of open questions, please contact: recruitment[-at-]

A. Open positions for Early Stage Researchers (ESR)

ESR1 – Profiling data center resources and energy consumption – University of Helsinki
ESR2 – Profiling workloads & user demands in cross-data center cloud – NEC Laboratories
ESR3 – Multi-criteria optimization for cloud computing eco-system – NTNU Trondheim
ESR4 – Resource management and scheduling for virtualized infrastructures – GWDG
ESR5 – Live data center migration across multiple data centers – University of Göttingen
ESR6 – Joint data center greening on both server and network sides – Tsinghua University
ESR7 – Transforming enterprise data centers by consolidation – University of Göttingen
ESR8 – Scaling e-Science computation-intensive clouds – University of Helsinki
ESR9 – Robust cloud service provisioning and management – NTNU Trondheim

B. Open positions for Experienced Researchers (ER)

ER1 – Resource virtualization in heterogeneous cloud – Tsinghua University
ER2 – Long-term data storage on the gene sequencing application – GWDG
ER3 – Service availability and disaster recovery – NEC Europe

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