Alessio Silvestro

UPDATE: Alessio Silvestro has finished his PhD in Cleansky and is now employed as Manufacturing 4.0 Engineer at Philip Morris International, Italy.

Fellowship: Alessio Silvestro joined CleanSky ITN on April 1st, 2015. He was selected for the ESR 2 fellowship and is investigating workloads in cross data-center clouds at NEC Laboratories Europe.

Bio: I received both the Bachelor degree and the Master degree in Computer Engineering from University Federico II, Naples, Italy. During my academic career I have demonstrated interest in several disciplines like computer networks, operating systems, distributed systems, architecture of processing systems and embedded systems. For my Bachelor thesis, Monitoring of distributed infrastructure systems, in 2011, I have installed and troubleshot one of the first release of OpenStack, integrating the overall distributed system with the monitoring tool Nagios. During my Master, I have worked on several practical projects on different topics. I have implemented a system for the live migration of entire virtual networks on OpenvSwitch with OpenFlow and FloodLight. I have investigated the workload characterization, the performance analysis and the capacity test of several running systems using statistical methods like the Analysis of
Variance (ANOVA) or the Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Later I have designed, implemented and evaluated a system to receive the DCF77 longwave time signal, writing the HW components in VHDL on the NEXYS 2 FPGA board together with the device drivers for a STM32F4 ARM Cortex based SoC. Finally for the Master thesis I have designed a Rule Based Adaptation Engine for Multi-Device Context-Aware Web Application as the result of an internship period at NEC Laboratories Europe. In my free time, I enjoy listening music, travelling, watching movies and reading books. Furthermore I really love the art of photography and I am costantly studing in order to improve my skills and produce always better results, that is, better memories of my travels.

What’s your motivation for doing your PhD, and why within CleanSky?
During my academic career I realized that I am motivated to work harder when facing a challenging goal or developing my own ideas. Likewise, I discovered that my productivity increases under stress, for instance when a deadline is approaching. Because of this attitude and my preference for mathematical disciplines, I believe a Ph.D. is the right path. Furthermore, the CleanSky ESR2 position give me the opportunity to do a Ph.D. while working in a dynamic and international environment of a big company like NEC.
What is your goal after finishing your PhD?
I do not know exactly what is my goal after my Ph.D., but I know for sure that I want to work hard in order to do my best and take out from this experience all the things that the CleanSky project can offer me.
Alessio Silvestro’s CleanSky ITN Publications
Alessio Silvestro (ESR2), Roberto Bifulco, Fabian Schneider, Xiaoming Fu, and Jussi Kangasharju: “MISE: MIddleboxes SElection for Multi-Domain Service Function Chains (SFCs)”, to appear in Proceedings of the ACM Cloud-Assisted Networking Workshop (CAN 2017), in conjunction with ACM CoNEXT 2017, Korea, ACM, December 2017

Alessio Silvestro (ESR2), Roberto Bifulco, Fabian Schneider, Jussi Kangasharju and Xiaoming Fu: “Is today’s DNS the right solution for middleboxes selection?”, in Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on CrossCloud Infrastructures & Platforms, Colocated with ACM EuroSys’17, 23rd-26th April 2017, Belgrade, Serbia

Roberto Bifulco, Anton Matsiuk, Alessio Silvestro (ESR2): “CATENAE – A Scalable Service Function Chaining System for Legacy Mobile Networks”, to appear in International Journal of Network Management, 2017

Alessio Silvestro (ESR2), Roberto Bifulco, Sachin Sharma (ER3), Fabian Schneider, Jussi Kangasharju ,Xiaoming Fu, ” Issues in Supporting Third-Party’s In-Network Services in the Internet”, to appear in NetSys 2017 PhD Forum, March 2017.

Roberto Bifulco, Anton Matsiuk, Alessio Silvestro (ESR2): Ready-to-Deploy Service Function Chaining for Mobile Networks, to appear in Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft), June 2016

Alessio Silvestro’s Conference Participation
ACM SIGCOMM 2015 (London, UK), ACM CoNEXT 2015 (Heidelberg, Germany)
Alessio Silvestro’s Ph.D Thesis
Architectural Support for Implementing Service Function Chains in the Internet
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