By establishing structured training for young researchers, the CleanSky ITN is intended to not only shape high-level academic researchers, but also educate next generation experts and innovators with industry mindset for the European industry. Through their individual projects, the ESRs (Early Stage Researchers/PhD students) and ERs (Expierienced Researchers/PostDocs) will be involved in ongoing research and supported by the program to develop their own profile. Their projects will benefit from diverse international, and interdisciplinary and public-private intersectoral collaborations within the CleanSky Network.

Learning from the experts: The ITN brings together complimentary outstanding researchers whose expertise spreads over the range of the identified research topics. They will form the training bases for ESRs and ERs. In addition, the ITN has a Supervisory Board composed of world-renowned experts in the related fields, who will not only provide advice and guidance on the project but also benefit the ESRs with opportunities to work directly with these experts.

Learning from cooperation: CleanSky encourages structured training exchanges (secondments) among partners and motivates making use of knowledge, tools and platforms available elsewhere in the network. The parties have the commitment to not only cooperate in a particular project, but also use this cooperation as a starting basis for long-lasting relationship. On the level of fellows, this will happen in a natural way. They will build personal contacts as well with the partner organizations that will last for their careers.

The young researchers’ secondments are carefully planned such that they will have two secondments, one of which will be an industry partner and the other will be a partner from a different sector/discipline and with complementary expertise and facilities. To complete their initial training, ERs will especially participate in advanced scientific and technological training. They will obtain advanced scientific and transferrable competencies through teaching, project management and other activities of the network.

Learning from training events:  The CleanSky training program is composed of local training activities and network-wide training activities. The network-wide training will provide the ESRs and ERs with state-of-the-art knowledge on all involved disciplines, basic and advanced skills with respect to the different research techniques and methodologies, as well as transferrable skills.

CleanSky Summer Schools will provide a great opportunity for the involved people to get to know each other and start initial discussions. A goal of the summer schools is also to connect the participating researchers on a personal level to foster the subsequent joint work as well as to build enthusiasm for this joint work. Each summer school will also serve as an outreach event, open not only to all project participants but also to interested 3rd parties particularly other university students / young researchers. During the summer school the participants will be brought to a comparable standard of knowledge by presentations and lectures covering the field of scalable green and high-quality cloud computing and various professional transferrable skills.